Providing Osteopathic treatments, individualized care & yoga as therapy.

Mission Statement

"To open the channels of the body, to reclaim lost motion and strength. To be ageless in beauty and boundless in laughter. To open the heart and mind, to play and live pain free.  To provide longevity, to serve with awareness and an open soul. To recognize individuality and provide tailored care to find that perfect balance of Mind, Matter and Motion."

Osteopaths work with what is called the musco-skeletal system, that is, with the bones, joint muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Osteopaths are trained in all the major disciplines of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and as such will be able to identify conditions which might be related to other internal body system e.g. heart, lung, gastric, reproductive, urinary, auto-immune problems etc. 

Mind, Matter & Motion provides individual Osteopathic DO(MP) treatments by appointment.

Walk-in clients are welcome to attend any of our scheduled yoga classes which are offered for all levels of ability (see schedule).

Athletes & Sport Enthusiast:

We provide specialized yoga classes, as well as specialized Osteopathic treatments for the golfer, tennis/racquet ball player, martial artist, cyclist and runners, gymnast or dancer we have the tailored care to meet your needs.  We will improve the flexibility and strength you need to excel at your sport.


We offer Yoga classes that assist with modified postures for seniors. Small class sizes allow for individual attention and feedback. Osteopathic treatments are gentle and tailored to your needs. (See tab for Seniors)


We are happy to book children’s birthday parties because they are a perfect way to introduce your child and friends to the lifetime of health benefits that yoga provides. Classes are tailored to the age group. (See tab for children’s Yoga)

Other Services:

Also available by appointment: Massage Therapy, Reiki Massage and meetings with a Registered Nutritionalist. See our ‘Other Provided Services’ page for details.

At Mind, Matter and Motion we believe that whether you are an athlete, an office worker, or have other health issues, day to day living can cause pain. A personalized therapy treatment plan will improve your health, reduce pain and increase strength!

Don’t live with pain and lost mobility! Call Mind, Matter and Motion today!
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