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Dana's Osteopathy Journey:

"At 12 years old I was an active, healthy child with no prior health concerns. I had given my parents little more than the usual bumps and bruises to worry about. A typical summer for my brother and I included adventures in our neighbourhood parks and finding ‘treasures’ in the woods. I remember a day that started like any other, with breakfast and chores. Allowed to run free, we jumped on our bikes and hit the community paths. Twenty minutes into our ride, I complained of not feeling well and like a typical older brother, I caught the good natured ribbing I expected. His laughter quickly turned to panic as the colour suddenly drained from my face and I fell face first into a tree. I had fainted. The episode didn’t last long, but it was enough to terrify my family.
My mother, a registered nurse, was not about to stop until we had answers, so the repeated medical visits began. The fainting continued, unannounced and sporadic in nature. I learned to recognize the warning signs; I knew when I had about 30 seconds before losing consciousness. At least that meant I never fell into a tree again. But with every episode came more medical appointments, more tests and more unanswered questions.
It would only happen a few times a year, but I was always waiting for it. Every social occasion, a first date, every new place I’d visit, my eyes would dart around the room. I was looking for the bathroom, calculating how long it would take for me to reach it before I passed out in front of everyone. It was crippling as I got older.

Visits to my doctor, cardiologists, neurologists, test after test, still, no answers. At 28 years old I stumbled across the field of Osteopathy. After doing my research, I decided it was worth a shot.
Having no idea what I was in for, I attended at my first Osteopath appointment. He was kind and gentle immediately putting me at ease. He asked questions that seemed to having nothing to do with my history of fainting. From the health of my mother at the time of my birth, to my relationship with my family, and feelings about myself. He spent a full 2 hours with me, then sent me on my way, telling me to drink lots of water, and pay attention to how I felt in the days to follow.
Three weeks Iater re-attended for another session. One more hour with my Osteopath while he performed adjustments on me. There was no pain, no poking, prodding or cracking, I didn’t realize it then, but I left that day cured!
I am pleased to report that now, almost 10 years later, I have not fainted once. I still visit my Osteopath regularly. These sessions play a key role in my continued health and wellbeing.
As a result of my experience and with hopes of helping others, I trained at the Ontario School of Osteopathy and Alternative Medicine. If you suffer from headaches, a sore neck or back, I can help you. If you work at a desk, or have been in an accident, if you live with aches or pains and have decided "It’s because I am getting old", I can help you. Pain is not a symptom of age. Pain is a symptom of your body’s structure being out of its natural placement. However that imbalance may have occurred, it can be corrected.

It is not my belief, nor my intention to suggest that medical doctors do not serve a purpose. My mother is a medical practitioner and I am grateful for the service and care I have received throughout my life. However, I strongly believe that all answers do not lie in a hospital. There are other paths, which do not include medications and surgery as a first response.

There are other ways.  In the proper structure of the body, lies its proper function and my journey is proof of this belief. Let your mind be open to the knowledge that there is a pain free life ahead of you; in work, in play and in your everyday routine. You are never too old, or too broken to benefit from the improvements in health and quality of life that Osteopathy provides.

Dana Smith’s Bio

Prior to studying Osteopathy, Dana Smith had been in the legal field for 16 years. As a licensed Paralegal, Dana worked as both a Prosecutor and as an owner of a practice specializing in defence work.  Several years ago as a form of stress relief, Dana began attending Yoga classes. Although initially a hobby, Dana quickly fell in love with the philosophy of Yoga. Dana was soon taking workshops and eventually became a qualified Yoga instructor. Excited at the prospect of teaching classes to the public, Dana began teaching at local studios before opening her own practice. Dana is Yoga Alliance Certified, specializing in Hatha and Yin Yoga. She enjoys guiding others through a gentle style of Yoga that strengthens the body, draws awareness to the soul and relaxes the mind. 


Nicole’s Osteopathic Journey:

“I have been involved in sports all my life. Growing up, I took every opportunity to participate in physical activity. Swimming, running and cycling were always my greatest passion. At the age of 12, I took part in my first biathlon.  These activities and my training caused tightness in my tendons, ligaments and joints.  
At 27 years old, I began to realize the toll it was taking on my body. Despite being fit, I was in pain. My hips were tight, my lower back hurt and I had migraines. I was icing my knees at the end of a long run.  I didn’t want to give up the activities I love, so I had to find a solution.  I decided to try yoga classes.

With my increased strength and flexibility, I found that my sleep patterns improved and my digestive function normalized. The headaches, knee and back pain weren't a problem.  Dealing with stress became easier even though the pressures of work, school and parenthood were still around. It was the negativity and tension that had disappeared. I felt I had found the method to balance the stressors that life presented.”
To Reach Nicole Directly: 519 589 3400


Nicole Cluett’s Bio

Prior to becoming an Osteopath DO(MP) and Yoga Instructor, Nicole Cluett had a career in management and business ownership. After earning her BA Nicole realized she could put her entrepreneurial skill to work. She became the owner and operator of a gas station. Nicole excelled in the business, eventually owning three locations. 
Like many working mothers, Nicole found that the demands of career, parenthood and an active lifestyle began to take a toll on her body.  Seeking a way to relieve physical tension and migraines, Nicole discovered yoga. As with everything in life, Nicole threw herself into it, heart and soul.
Nicole has helped sports enthusiasts to use yoga to maintain their active lifestyle and achieve new goals.  From general issues such as improved posture while driving, to giving athletes the flexibility to perform a better squat in the gym, many have benefited from her techniques.
Continuing her dedication to learning, Nicole returned to school and is a practicing Osteopath, DO(MP). She is excited to continue to share her diverse knowledge of sport and body mechanics with you.  At Mind, Matter & Motion she offers yoga classes specifically tailored for your sport.
To Reach Nicole Directly: 519 589 3400

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