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About Yoga

Hatha Yoga offered at Mind, Matter & Motion

With the ‘ha’ meaning sun and the ‘tha’ meaning moon, Hatha Yoga is often referred to as the yoga that brings the pairs of the opposites. It is also commonly referred to as the ‘forceful yoga’ because it requires a lot of physical effort. However, we do not create tension in our bodies to release it. Practicing this form of Yoga will help oxygenate the body and relieve stress. This is a strength building practice focusing on our muscles, ligaments and breath. At Mind, Matter & Motion, our Hatha classes are designed for the individual to listen to their body. We are not encouraged to enter into the ‘perfect’ posture. We do encourage listening to our bodies, while creating strength and increasing flexibility. Walk in classes are kept small to allow for all levels to attend. Whether you are new to the practice, or a regular yogi, our classes are challenging, strengthening and effective. Nicole Cluett and Dana Smith have both enjoyed a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training program and are looking forward to sharing their practice with you. As Osteopaths, they have increased their knowledge of the body, opening the channels of fluid movement and reclaiming lost function. Our specifically designed classes, offered in our individualized programs target the required zones that need strength to better you in your play, and open the areas that require flexibility and mobility.

Yin Yoga offered at Mind, Matter & Motion

To really understand Yin Yoga, or any form of yoga, one must experience it. Reading about yoga is like reading a menu when you are hungry: interesting, maybe even mouthwatering, but until you actually partake of what you are seeing, your need will not be quenched. Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of our body, the muscular half, the ‘yang’ issues. Yin Yoga allows us to work the other half, the deeper ‘yin’ issues of our ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks, and even our bones. All of our tissues are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health, vitality and longevity. At Mind, Matter & Motion we have open walk in Yin classes. These classes have been designed by Nicole Cluett and Dana Smith, both trained yoga teachers, but also Osteopaths with a deep understanding and respect for how our bodies are designed, and what is required for optimum health and wellbeing. Everyone can benefit from Yin Yoga. From headaches and back pain, to problems sleeping and digestive issues, this form of yoga will help.
Other Yin Yoga classes at our studio are specifically designed for our senior clients and our clients who come to us from office desk work environments, and those who do a lot of driving. Yin Yoga is a gentle, relaxing, grounding form of yoga. Its focus it to release tension, particularly in the hips and lower back. Attention is drawn inwards, as we breathe into the new spaces that our bodies create.

We look forward to guiding you through this peaceful empowering practice.

  Walk in classes are available for both Hatha and Yin at all levels (see our posted schedule).

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