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Yoga For Seniors

Osteopathy for Seniors

As we get older many of us will find we have more time for life; more time for leisure, sport and travel. It is now that we may have a chance to take up sports and activities that we simply had no time for before, activities such as golf, gardening, yoga or taking care of grandchildren. It is necessary to try to maintain our physical health as we move into this phase of our lives. Osteopathy can help with this.
Your body has changed over your lifetime. It has endured injury and postural stress over the years, often resulting in repetitive strain injuries, stiffness and degenerative changes. The start of health issues such as high blood pressure, digestive and circulatory disorders and arthritis may also have begun to affect your ability to perform. It is important to remember that aches and pains are not a symptom of aging, but actually your changing physical structure affecting your body’s ability to function. An osteopathic treatment works with the musculoskeletal structure to restore that structure to its optimum functioning capacity. This gentle and effective treatment will help you to perform day to day activities pain free, increase energy, and recover lost body movements. In many cases medications are reduced and even eliminated.

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Yoga for Seniors

Quality of life is especially important for your age group when there are increasing concerns about loss of independence and mobility. Osteopathy with the combination of gentle yoga practice will help.
After a full assessment the Osteopath, DO(MP) will be able to offer treatment and advice to help improve mobility, circulation, immune function, and reduce joint stiffness. At Mind, Matter & Motion, we may also suggest a Yin Yoga practice, or workshop combining the two treatments. As we age, we get stiff. We can be strong well into our declining years. The real health issues develop out of stagnation. In lack of movement, our joints shrink-wrap. Our ligaments shrink. As we age, we need more Yin practice to combat the growing rigidity. The practice is gentle, slow and relaxing. It aims to maintain health, improve mobility and prevent further injury. Seniors need yin. Most of the seniors that come to my class are looking to regain mobility, or to rekindle the flow of energy through their bodies. Various ailments in each individual are taken into consideration. Private classes are available, but in keeping our classes to limited attendance, one on one time for pose modifications and feedback is provided throughout our classes.
Mind, Matter & Motion is offering a 12 week program to help you improve mobility and gain strength. This program will consist of three Osteopathic treatments, as well as twelve specifically designed Yoga classes.

See our schedule for walk in Yoga classes designed for seniors. Individual Osteopathic treatments are available by appointment.

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