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For the Golfer

Osteopathy for Golfer’s

Your golf game is important to you. It is your play, your stress relief, your business dealings, or perhaps, even your prospective career choice. You don't want pain getting in the way of your enjoyment. At Mind, Matter & Motion we can eliminate that pain, and improve your golf swing. One of the most common injuries in golf is Golfers Elbow (more specifically, Medial Epicondylitis).

Osteopathic manipulation is found to be effective treatment for this form of elbow pain. Whether you attend with a current diagnosis, or just feeling a 'twing', we can help. If you are not in pain, we will prevent future injury in the golfers body (not forgetting that wrists, core, hips, lower back and knees all play an important roll in your swing too!) and improve your swing. We will increase range of motion, and fluidity of the joints. At Mind, Matter & Motion, we will provide a complete assessment and plan to accomplish our goals, to live and play pain free. With Osteopathic manipulation your pain will dissipate, and your range of motion in swing will increase. We may also recommend our specifically designed yoga classes for golfers to be paired with treatments.

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Yoga for Golfer’s

The basic elements common in both golf & yoga are connecting to the ground. Letting go of expectations and accepting what is happening in the moment. The practice of yoga improves focus as well as range of motion and physical strength. Those skills are radiated throughout your life, off your mat and onto the golf greens. Faulty technique is not often the problem as is failed concentration.

Many golfers tend to swing from side to side, muscles become bigger on one side, and perhaps weaker on the other. This restricts the range of motion. The practice of yoga is to find balance in the body. Thus, balance in your swing. Balance in the stance and throughout the entire swing plane is vital for a consistent golf swing. Proper balance enables efficient weight transfer, generating power and accuracy. Proper balance through the finish position allows full extension of the body towards the target.

Mind, Matter & Motion has specifically designed our Yoga classes with the golfer in mind. These classes are great for all levels of Yogi.

Yoga increases flexibility, this flexibility translates into fluid movement through your swing. The increased dynamic range of motion will allow for proper coiling and uncoiling of the torso and spine. It reduces potential swing faults caused by short, tight muscles. An increase in flexibility will reduce risk of injury.

Not only do our Yoga for Golfer's classes seek to increase concentration, balance and flexibility, but strength too. We understand the body mechanics in a golf swing, and target strengthening postures for those muscles involved. Your core strength allows you to deliver the club to the impact position, generating power and club head speed, resulting in increased distance. Strengthening the abdominal and back muscles is a critical element for golf performance and longevity in the sport. Your shoulders are an important muscle in the golf swing because they create the speed of the club through the ball while keeping it under control. It is important to have strong, flexible rotator cuffs with free range of motion, they are what keeps the club under control throughout the swing.

Mind, Matter & Motion is offering a 12 week program to help you achieve balance and symmetry which will help you improve your golf swing and prevent future injuries. This program will consist of three Osteopathic treatments, as well as twelve specifically designed Yoga classes for golfers.
See our schedule for walk in Yoga classes designed with the Golfer in mind. Individual Osteopathic treatments are available by appointment.

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