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For the Runner

Osteopathy for Runners

At Mind, Matter & Motion our Osteopaths DO(MP)'s know how to provide treatments just for the runner's body. We address the muscles and all of the joints that take impact from the running surface. You have 35 joints in the foot and ankle, three in the knee, five in the hip and pelvis, and five in the lower back. Your Osteopath will provide an assessment to determine if any of these joints are stiff, injured or if they are preventing you from running at your peak. We will assess the cause the cause of your pain, and provide the required treatment. We will articulate each of these joints to reduce stiffness, and increase the amount of movement in each joint. Manipulation of the soft tissue will be carried out so that your muscles, ligaments and tendons are stretched and loosened. The surrounding soft tissue is strengthened to add support. Osteopathic treatment will act to realign any hard tissue (such as your knee cap or bones of the legs) so that any pain caused by a dislocated knee cap or other bone can be relieved. You will notice some real improvements following osteopathic treatment. Mind, Matter & Motion offers treatment programs with one of our Osteopaths DO(MP)'s as well as a combination treatment that involves yoga classes. These Yoga classes will target the muscles that you need strengthen and lengthen to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.
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Yoga for Runners -Our Runners Classes are approaching an Intermediate Level for Yogi's. Don't be intimidated, our studio is still small and we are happy to always provide modification (you will never feel as though you 'have' to try a pose your are not interested in). But if you'd like to pull off handstand- this is your class! Despite all the stretching in the world, many runners struggle with a limited range of motion. This can cause muscle imbalances and lead to injury. Yoga's internal focus centers your attention on your own body's movements rather than on an external outcome. Runners can use yoga practice to balance strength, increase range of motion, train the body and mind. Yoga moves your body through poses (asana’s) while teaching you how to coordinate your breath with each subtle movement. The eventual result is that your body, mind, and breath are integrated in all actions. Through consistent and systematic asana conditioning, you can engage, strengthen, and place demands on all of your intrinsic muscle groups. Yoga's internal focus centers your attention on your own body's movement support and stabilizes the skeletal system. This can offset the effects of the runner's one-dimensional workouts. The complete oxygenation of the body leads to a more complete cardiac workout while running. At Mind, Matter and Motion our Yoga for runner’s classes are tailored to target the muscle groups required in running for strengthening, while focusing on opening and releasing the tight hip flexor muscles.
Mind, Matter & Motion offers a 12 week program to introduce runners to the basics of yoga and how it relates to the mechanics of running.  This program will consist of three Osteopathic treatments, as well as twelve specifically designed Yoga classes for runners.
See our schedule for walk in Yoga classes designed with the Runner in mind. Individual Osteopathic treatments are available by appointment.

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