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For the Work Place

Osteopathy for the Work Place

Whether your work is in the office or outside, your ability to cope with the individual demands made on your body plays a major role in your quality of life and play. In the office where desk work is common, there are the dangers of ‘computer hump’ and ‘mouse wrist’. Frequent telephone use affects the neck and shoulders causing headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Back pain is second only to the common cold as reason to take time off work. Approximately 50% of all reported illness at work is due to a musculoskeletal disorder. Bad backs cost the medical industry billions each year. Those who drive for a living can be shown the effect of their driving position as it relates not only their back, neck and shoulders but also the hips, knees and feet. The posture is similar to those who work behind a desk.   These pains are not caused by age- they are caused by a change in, and a strain on the musculoskeletal system. This can be fixed.  No-one likes to take time off work due to pain or illness. Whether your back, neck, hip or knees are hurting due to current posture, historical posture at work, or previous injury, we can assist. At Mind, Matter & Motion an Osteopath DO(MP) will look at the style of work you have undertaken, or have performed in the past and help you find ways of improving the situation.

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Yoga for the Work Place

These are very popular classes! We work on Back Bends, Shoulder openers and loosing up some very tight hips! Focus of the class may also be on sleep pattern regulation and reduction of cortisol (stress hormone). Classes are designed for all levels of Yogi, and everyone leaves feeling fantastic! Whether we are at our desks, or driving our car, chances are, we have poor posture. This forward head type of posture will cause tension, headaches, sleep related issues and eventually lead to worse. At Mind, Matter & Motion, an Osteopath DO(MP), after assessing your complete historical and current employment history will offer a gentle, effective treatment. We may also suggest a few specific, targeted yoga classes to help strengthen those over used, over strained office muscles. The same muscles that become strained over a computer are the same used in forward head posture while driving and even texting.

Mind, Matter & Motion offers individual Osteopathic treatments with a DO(MP). We also offer a twelve week program to help achieve better sleep patterns and eliminate pain while at work. This program consists of three Osteopathic treatments, as well as twelve specifically designed Yoga classes that will target the areas affected in your body.

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