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It’s all About Kids!

Osteopathy for Children & Infants

For children & Infants, the benefits of Osteopathy are much more profound as they are still in the ‘moulding stage’ of development and life. Osteopathy is a whole system of healthcare; addressing mechanics, nutrition, lifestyle and health beliefs early in life. Correcting strains can change the path the child travels along. At Mind, Matter & Motion we endorse a positive and motivating approach. Every lump and bump experienced could lead to future pain your child may have to live with. For infants, birth was tough! The travel through the birth canal does not go smoothly for all babies. As the musculoskeletal system forms, we will ensure it develops properly and balanced.

Treatment is completely safe and will not cause your child any pain or discomfort. When working with children and infants, a light touch is used, to match the sensitive and delicate system of a child. The basis of treatment is much the same as in adults with special consideration paid to development. We can help reduce irritability, and/or hyper-alertness, digestive issues, feeding difficulties and remove hiccups. We help with Scoliosis & Postural problems. In children we increase the ability to relax, reduce growing pains, joint pain, sports injuries, aches and pains and even improve learning abilities.

At Mind, Matter & Motion we take the time to meet with the parents and the child. A full physical will occur as well as learning about your child and listening to any concerns that you may have.  We also offer yoga programs tailored to specific age groups and believe that by keeping them mobile now we can set the kids up for a fun, flexible and healthy future!
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 KIDS & FAMILY YOGA! Our kids classes and Family Yoga classes run three times a year (twice a month for three months), we do request registration for these six week programs. The classes for children are 30 minutes long, we then start the family classes for 45 minutes. Feel free to register for one, or both! Many parents like to have their children attend for the kids classes while they watch from our viewing area. They then join in on the fun for the Family class!

Children are born with an impressive flexibility. Yoga helps to prolong this gift. Strength and flexibility allow for fewer and less-severe injuries throughout life. Our children’s yoga classes include poses that are fast moving while others are slow paced. This allows children to learn self-control, enhancing their focus, awareness and concentration. Our classes are designed to specifically address concentration in a fun easy way.

Children’s Yoga classes create a Peaceful, Relaxed State of Body and Mind. All classes end with a quiet time, also known as Deep Relaxation. In the “Do Nothing Pose,” children are asked to lie on their backs in quiet stillness. Sometimes we will include music or a guided visualization. Just for three minutes, children learn to understand the importance of this peace and can carry it with them into their daily lives.

Practicing yoga provides kids an immediate outlet to reduce stress in a safe, nurturing environment. It is a physical exercise that produces happy endorphins. When they learn that yoga takes practice versus an immediate accomplishment, they learn and accept that life is a path with good days and bad days. Mind, Matter & Motion Kids Yoga seeks to inspire creativity, and self-expression. Kids are invited to tap into their own boundless imaginations without judgment.

Mind, Matter & Motion we have several programs available for the different age groups all classes are made fun and tailored to that age group. Children's classes are $55/child for 6 weeks. Family classes are $75/family (up to three family members, $10/each for any additional). Register for both and receive the Family Classes for $65/family (full 6 weeks).

We also offer birthday parties with interactive yoga games and goodie bags!  Call for details!

Individual Osteopathic treatments are available by appointment.

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