Providing Osteopathic treatments, individualized care & yoga as therapy.


“I attended with Frozen Shoulder. I had been in pain with limited movement for months. After my first treatment I was 100% and back to myself! Couldn’t recommend these ladies enough”
Sandra W
“I have had sciatica for years. Constantly experiencing flare-ups that were really affecting my life, and my job. I attended for three appointments. After my first, I was already feeling better. By the end of my third, I was in the yoga studio feeling fantastic. 6 months later, still no flare up”
Robert B
“As an avid golfer my shoulders were always aching. I had to limit my game to 9 holes only to avoid the agony I was feeling after the full 18. I have been attending at Mind, Matter & Motion now for Osteopathic treatments, and the Yoga for Golfers classes regularly. What a difference! I am back to my full 18 hole game thanks to these ladies!”
Thomas W
“After living with headaches and migraines my entire life, I really had given up. Thought that it was something I would just always have to deal with. After my first Osteopathic treatment, I went 5 days without a headache! Every appointment since, my day’s headache free has expanded. I am now confident that I am on the right path to a life headache free.”
Lisa S
“Absolutely LOVE this studio! I was new to yoga, and nervous. These ladies were warm and welcoming. The studio is small and comfortable. With the smaller class sizes I was given lots of attention and help through my first few classes. I now attend with confidence. Can’t wait for my next class!”
Anita L
“I’ve had a knee replaced several years ago. Since then, my hips have ached and my other knee was in constant pain. My Osteopath has relieved that pain. My hips feel great and with all the posture tips I’ve received, I no longer favor my one side. I’m back to morning 5k walks.”
William B
“I was feeling out of balance. My digestion was slow. I was always bloated and feeling uncomfortable. After just two treatments I have never felt better”
Elaine S

You fixed me again. THANK YOU!
Hopefully I can keep it that way for a while."
K. D.

Well Dana,
You have blown my mind again! I saw you yesterday for vertigo - happy to say the vertigo is now gone! Who would have thought it would have been that easy? Best $50 ever spent.

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